Sinus Grafting: Actual Patient Hands-on Course

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June 9-12, 2021

Temporary Florida, USA Licensing Provided

(Must be Licensed to Practice in a US State to Participate)



Safely Learn and Gain Real Sinus Grafting Experience and Confidence by Performing Both Lateral Wall and Crestal Approach Protocols on Actual Patients in a Hands-on, LIVE Surgery Environment!

You Perform Surgery on Actual Patients | Lateral Wall Approach | Crestal Approach | Osseodensification Protocols | Sinus Membrane Perforation Repair | Prevent & Manage Complications | CBCT Evaluation | Delayed & Simultaneous Implant Placement | Bioactive Modifiers

This is an extraordinary growth opportunity wherein you will be immersed in the full surgical experience, at length with repetition and under the direct supervision of Dr. Michael A. Pikos and his highly qualified faculty at a significantly conducive 4:1 student to instructor ratio.

The patients you will be treating as an attendee of this course are US military veterans in need. Therefore tuition paid for this powerful development opportunity is considered a charitable donation and is eligible for tax deduction. Your tuition is also being applied to the cost of the ensuing restoration of these worthy, honored recipients of this care. While the tuition fee may seem prohibitive to some, it is a mere fraction of the potential return for your having mastered and added these essential protocols to your practice repertoire. Considering the enormous benefit to these patients, the expansion of your case acceptance and that the tuition fee is tax-deductible, this is course represents a 360-degree win for everyone involved and will continue to prove immeasurably valuable and fulfilling to you and your patients for the rest of your career.

32 CE HRS | Tuition: $17,500 USD
*This course is presented in association with SmileFaith, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Tuition is considered a charitable donation and eligible for tax deduction.




We are proud to announce Pikos Institute’s first-ever, Sinus Grafting: Hands-on Live Surgery course wherein each attendee will directly participate in a total of 4 surgeries including both lateral wall and crestal approach (osseodensification protocols) sinus graft procedures.

Learn by actually performing the best practices for the best predictable outcomes in a state-of-the-art surgical environment located in the US, under the direct supervision of Dr. Michael A. Pikos and accredited faculty.

Take home and deploy these extremely valuable skills along with the best of “what works, what doesn’t and why” derived from Dr. Pikos’ more than 1400 sinus grafts performed over 30+ years.

By taking this course you will acquire enduring experience to confidently provide perhaps the most frequently required treatment for implant site development.

The grateful beneficiaries of the surgical services performed during this course are primarily veterans of the US military who are in need.

Temporary Licensing Provided | Includes Both Hands-on LIVE Surgery and Hands-on Workshop Sessions

*COVID-19 guidelines will be strictly observed for your safety.


Extremely Limited Capacity

In this course, you will:


  1. Demonstrate the 10 key principles for predictable sinus bone grafting.
  2. Perform and understand the science and art of sinus bone grafting via hands-on live surgery on actual patients.
  3. Gain knowledge, experience and confidence in performing valuable sinus grafting protocols via lecture discussion, HD video clips, and additional hands on workshops on models.
  4. Learn from Dr. Pikos’ 30 years of experience with sinus bone grafting (more than 1400 sinus grafts performed).
  5. Experience a warm, friendly and unique environment for increasing diagnostic and surgical skill sets.
  6. Learn not just the “how to”, but the “why” and “why not”.
    32 Credit Hours - 16 Hours Lecture, 16 Hours Hands-on Participation

Upcoming Course Dates

Course Topics:

  • LIVE Patient Hands-on Surgery.
  • Pikos Institute Philosophy of sinus bone grafting.
  • Sequential 3D digital diagnostic evaluation protocol for predictable sinus bone grafting.
  • 10 key principles and algorithms for science based, predictable sinus bone grafting.
  • Predictable repair of large and complete sinus membrane perforations.
  • Biology and wound healing of sinus bone grafting.
  • Comparison of autografts, allografts, xenografts and alloplasts as graft materials for sinus bone grafting.
  • Indications and step by step surgical protocol for sinus bone grafting – lateral and crestal approach with osseodensification protocols.
  • Comprehensive long term case presentations (10-20+years).
  • Growth factor technology (L-PRF, rhPDGF, rhBMP-2) in conjunction with sinus bone grafting.
  • Risk management issues related to sinus bone grafting.
  • Sinus bone grafting in the presence of thickened sinus membranes, polyps and mucous retention cysts.
  • Comprehensive recognition, management, and treatment of intraoperative, early and late postoperative complications.

32 CE HRS - 16 hours lecture AGD Subject code: 690, 16 hours hands-on participation AGD Subject code: 690

This course is presented in association with SmileFaith, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Payments are considered charitable donations and eligible for tax deductions.


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Upcoming Course Dates