Zygoma Anatomy Guided Approach (ZAGA) Course

Course Overview

21 Credit Hours

Learn to Confidently Perform This Revolutionary Protocol and Offer Real Solutions and Hope to Patients Presenting with Severely Atrophic Maxilla


Dr. Carlos Aparicio | Dr. Michael A. Pikos

The ZAGA zygomatic implant course is based on a more than 25 year journey in the rehabilitation of the severely resorbed maxilla. This is an intensive 3 day course that will focus on the entire ZAGA (Zygoma Anatomy Guided Approach) concept. It will feature patient specific zygomatic therapy and include detailed science based protocols for minimally invasive zygomatic osteotomies, maximum BIC, preservation of sinus integrity (minimizing morbidity, both short term and long term), avoiding soft tissue recession, and achieving true prosthetically driven optimal implant stability long term. Prevention and treatment of complications will be covered in detail.

The Pikos Institute is honored to partner with Dr. Carlos Aparicio for this rare North American ZAGA course session that is a comprehensive approach to Zygomatic implant therapy for the severely atrophic maxilla.

Includes Hands-on Workshop

Next Course Dates To Be Announced Soon


Course Program

Day 1:
ZAGA Philosophy and ZAGA Concept

• Managing Zygomatic Rehabilitation from A-Z

Day 2:
Sinus Anatomy, Surgical Implications, Pathology, Complications – Prevention and Management

• ZAGA Philosophy and ZAGA Concept (Cont)

• Hands-On Model Surgery

#1 Atrophic Maxillary Rehab – 3D Model
     -Hybrid Zygomatic Therapy

#2 Atrophic Maxilla Rehab – 3D Model
     -Quad Zygomatic Therapy

#3 3D Model corresponding to the assigned real case before the course

Day 3:
Hands-On Cryo Preserved Cadaver Head Surgery – Zygomatic Therapy

ZAGA: Zygoma Anatomy Guided Approach

After This Course, Attendees Will:

1. Understand the ZAGA Concept in its entirety

2. Understand the diagnostic criteria necessary for using zygomatic implant therapy for rehabilitation of the severely atrophic maxilla

3. Understand the importance of science based protocols for zygomatic implant based reconstruction of the severely atrophic maxilla

4. Understand the Zygomatic Success Code (ZSC)

5. Understand the prevention and management of zygomatic implant complications

It is the policy of the ZAGA Center that cancellations made more than 30 days from the date of the course will be refunded 100%. Cancellations made 30 or fewer days before the date of the course will not be refunded.