Zygomatic Implant Therapy

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Soft Tissue Grafting

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Team Approach: Guided Full Arch

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Alveolar Ridge Strategies

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Sinus Grafting

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Written Testimonials

"Dr. Pikos is a living legend. Everyone who wants to learn evidence based surgical procedures from a very passionate, caring and dedicated surgeon and who wants to up their surgical skills should take his courses, not only sinus lift. I will definitely be coming back for more. Can’t wait! Thank you Dr. Pikos for sharing your extensive knowledge."
Maxim Godko GP – Lawrence Township, NJ

"Feeling very blessed to learn from Dr. Pikos. He found his calling in this life. Truly a pioneer and generous leader."
Shane Nelson, GP – Overland Park, KS

"I have practiced OMS for 43 years.  I did my first zygoma implant in 2008, and maybe 30 since then.  I never felt comfortable with the procedure but this training was different.  I feel much more confident in performing this procedure safely and deliver a great result.  Drill Responsibly™!"
David Mulherin, OMS – Conroe, TX

"This is by far one of the best if not “the best” CE course I have attended during my oral surgery career.  From the presentations, facilities, hospitality, Dr. Pikos and his team made this a great learning experience.  Dr. Pikos is not only a great surgeon and teacher but also a fantastic host."
Don Kalant, OMS – Naperville, IL

"If you want to learn more about advanced surgeries, there is no course that is more comprehensive. Dr. Pikos brings an incredible amount of firsthand experience and knowledge and is able to relate that to people at all levels of surgical experience.  At the end of a course, I am always looking forward to the next course I can take from Dr. Pikos."
Michael Kreitzer, Perio – New Albany, OH

"Pikos courses are hands down the best I’ve taken. The knowledge gained is detailed applicable. I will continue to return for more."
Emily Smythe, OMS – Lowell, IN

"I’ve been to other courses (example: Dr. Urban’s 3-day advanced bone and soft tissue course) but Dr. Pikos’ course is hands down the best I’ve ever been to."
Krystal Reyes-Viruet, Perio – Fort Myers, FL

"Pikos Institute is a world class destination for practitioners wanting to step up their game.  I have been impressed with the amount of information, the delivery of information and how to incorporate it into daily practice.  It wasn’t until I finished my formal education that I appreciated how much I love education in general.  This continuum has solidified that I will be back!"
Brandon O’Donnell, GP – Daphne, AL

"Dr. Pikos is real and honest.  It makes him approachable and engaging.  Because of his honesty and transparency it allows you to believe in the techniques.  It makes you cautious about what can go wrong, but confidence in the tools and information you get from the course."
Karl Neuhaus, GP – Buffalo, NY

"This was a great course. Having the opportunity to learn from one of the masters in my field
has been priceless. Dr. Pikos has been kind enough to share just a drop of his vast
knowledge and this course will be of benefit to any clinician of any level. Thanks, Dr. Pikos!"
Dr. Michael Johnson, OMS – Bonney Lake, WA

"Everywhere I turn, my colleagues all swear by Pikos courses. So, I decided to hop a flight to
Tampa and see for myself. They were all right!"
Dr. Lokesh C. Rao, GP – Yonkers, NY

"Everything about this course is first class! The knowledge and experience that Dr. Pikos
shares, teaches and explains will be so valuable to me going forward. I’m taking so many
pearls back to my practice. Thank you for a wonderful 3 days!"
Dr. Kevin L. Norris, GP – Ogden, Utah

"Great course that provides me and the staff the confidence to pursue and accomplish new
clinical objectives."
Dr. Sibera T. Brannon, GP – Surprise, AZ

"I have been doing sinus lifts for a few years now and I’ve known that if I took this course, that
my surgical skills would improve tremendously. I am very happy to know I was right about this.
Learning from the best here and I’ve learned so much in just a couple of days."
Dr. Tahany Whiting-Elakkad, GP – Surprise, AZ

"Thirty plus years of surgical experience backed up by evidence-based material and sharing his
personal tips, taking this course is a no brainer – I highly recommend it!"
Dr. Luis Brea, GP – Norwalk, CT

"This is a course that I can say with certainty was worth every penny I spent on it!"
Dr. Richard Bastien – GP – Tallahassee, FL

"This seminar is cutting edge and advances our knowledge base. World class program!"
Dr. Steve Wallace – Perio – Wilmington, NC

"I love the idea of all of the pearls. I love the idea of knowing and sharing complications so we
can learn and help us with our learning curve. Be back again for Sinus next year!"
Dr. Fortuna Vardeman, GP – Schertz, TX

"I have attended Pikos courses and symposiums for the last 25 years and always walk away impressed. The Guided Surgery course was no exception. The knowledge and experience delivered through this course is invaluable to anyone who wants to provide state of the art immediate load cases."
Dr. Nelson Eddy – Perio – Rockhill, SC

"I always expect to get a pearl or two from CE, but this was exceptional. I got a big PEARL – Are you kidding me – I got a whole oyster! Great one-of-a-kind course."
Dr. Douglas Harshberger – GP – Independence, MO

"High quality education – immediately applicable!"
Dr. George Chao – GP – Okotoks, Canada

"Dr. Pikos and his team are incredible. The course was informative and paced very well. This has been hands-down the best course I have attended. Anyone placing implants needs this information!"
Dr. Kari Blankenship – GP – Fort Worth, TX

"Best surgical implant course every!! Dr. Pikos presents the material in a way that is structured and detailed. I have never done a sinus graft before, but after taking this course I am confident that I can perform sinus grafts when I return to my office. If you have never performed a sinus graft, take the course, you won’t regret it!!"
Dr. Joe Cavallo – GP – Woodbridge, VA

"Best CE I have attended in the past 23 years!"
Dr. Bryan Neuwirth – OMS – Conover, NC

"Excellent course! It was full of real cases, real successes, challenges and failures. Everything was thoroughly explained, starting with the underlying science all the way through surgery to restorative success. Dr. Pikos’ education and delivery style made the course both valuable and fun."
Dr. Shepard Delong – GP – Lake Oswego, OR

"Being a senior OMS faculty at an academy medical center, we are frequently doing reconstruction and bone graft. Having been to numerous surgically centered CE courses, I have found this course to have been the most surgically and clinically beneficial course of all. The many pearls of knowledge will have great benefit for all procedures from the simple “doghouse” rehabilitation to the large “castles.” I will be a future participant for other Pikos Institute courses."
Dr. Butch Ferguson – OMS – Martinez, GA

"Dr. Pikos’ experience, wisdom and insights are shared openly, professionally and most importantly to assist. Many learn how to help patient’s outcomes with challenging cases. Dr. Pikos is a consummate colleague and mentor. The Pikos Institute raises the bar on all levels. The team, venue and mission are obvious…to provide a phenomenal experience. Well done! Highly recommended."
Dr. Jim Hamman – GP – Ripon, WI

"As my implant experience grew, I began to realize my limitations. I sought additional training that would help me achieve my goal of providing long-lasting, predictable results. The information, knowledge and hands-on experience at Pikos Institute will propel my implant practice to greater heights."
Dr. David Graham – GP – Jefferson Hills, PA

"This is like drinking from a fire hose. There is a wealth of information presented! Luckily there are excellent hand-outs provided. Getting the billing codes will help me and my office staff."
Dr. Cecil Dorsett – OMS – Gadsden, AL

"Misch was my guru; Pikos took over in my mind. I sincerely appreciate his love of teaching. The surgeon is a true master."
Dr. Greg Tharp – Prosth. – Flowood, MS

"A no-brainer course! Can’t wait to take the sinus grafting and soft tissue courses. New things being implemented Monday morning."
Dr. David Sullivan – GP – Brentwood, TN

"Wish I had done this 20 years ago!"
Dr. Rick Sullivan – GP – Brentwood, TN

"These courses (bone and soft tissue so far) are providing the sound evidence/science for what we put into clinical practice. The material is presented in a step by step fashion so you can begin applying the technique immediatley when you return to your practice."
Dr. Andrea McPhillips, OMS – Stephenville, TX

"This is my 4th course in Dr. Pikos’ continuum and I can honestly say Dr. Pikos has, without question made me a better provider! My confidence has gone to the next level in regards to treatment planning, surgical execution and intervention and patient management. Dr. Pikos is unsurpassed as an educator and mentor. I am very proud to be an alumni of the Pikos Institute and look forward to more courses in the future. Thank you!"
Dr. Matthew Byars, GP – Bradenton, FL

"Dr. Pikos is extremely well-versed in regenerative procedures for both hard and soft tissue. The small class size and direct contact with Dr. Pikos make this seminar very unique and valuable."
Dr. Matthew Bruksch, OMS – Rockford, IL

"A truly exceptional course to raise one’s expertise to the next level!"
Dr. George Atsalis, GP – Plymouth, MI

"Presentations based on honest, long-term clinical outcomes; good and bad are key to advancement in our field! Thank you, Mike for this!"
Dr. Richard Urbanek, OMS – Wichita Falls, TX

"Excellent course that spans topics for the general dentist to the advanced specialist."
Dr. Rajan Sheth, GP – Delaware, OH

"I am impressed by the humility and knowledge combination. Dr. Pikos knows how to not only perform surgery but most importantly presents it and teaches it well! Excellent team!"
Dr. George Athansios, GP – West Milford, NJ

"Courses such as this reinvigorate my passion for my profession. This course teaches patient-centered care to increase quality of life for our patients. As a Prosthodontist, it was refreshing to learn of the absolutely restorative driven protocol!"
Dr. Shelby Alexander, Prosth. – Morgantown, WV

"This is unquestionably the most well organized, well presented and useful course I have ever taken. Dr. Pikos provided a wealth of knowledge and practical information that I can incorporate into my practice immediately. This guided prosthetic system is nothing short of genius!"
Dr. Spiro Karrass, OMS – Lincolnwood, IL

"Wonderful course, so glad to be up close and personal to a surgical legend to hear and see and learn from him. Dr. Pikos is a wonderful teacher who is so approachable and willing to share his knowledge."
Dr. Kiya Green, Perio – Matthew, NC

"Great course! It helped clear up my concerns about the “Same Day Teeth Method” and gave me confidence to begin to implement this in my practice."
Dr. Ben Aanderud, GP – Sherwood, OR

"I have learned more from Mike Pikos that I use almost daily than from any other source in my 30 years in implant surgery. He is my most trusted source for real world, practical information on the subject of implants. I always do something different the day after his courses."
Dr. Thomas Butts, OMS – Brighton, MI

"This full arch course has completely changed my philosophy on full mouth reconstruction and has simplified my years of doing so."
Dr. Bill Anderson, GP – Findlay, OH

"Every course that we attend as professionals may have a few pearls but this course has pertinent, relevant and up to date information with multiple pearls every hour!"
Dr. Arvind Gulati, OMS – West Bloomfield, MI

"I enjoyed everything I learned in this course! As a periodontist, I was incredibly impressed by Dr. Pikos’ vast amount of knowledge and attention to things that are not typically considered to be within the realm of typical oral surgery."
Dr. Susanna Goggin, Periodontist – Asheville, NC

"This course goes through the “do’s and don’ts” and “the protocols”; plenty of examples of what works and doesn’t. It truly has given me a Eureka moment. I highly recommend this course."
Dr. Brian Mann, GP – Albany, GA

"I run three study clubs and do over 300 hours of CE a year. I have attended courses with few big names in the dental world, Mike Pikos operates on a different level. He is the Apple of dental education!"
Dr. Sam Bakuri, Periodontist – Allison Park, PA

"As a recent Misch surgical grad, I needed more in depth training on advanced bone grafting. Pikos’ Advanced Bone Grafting Course provided this training."
Dr. Greg Eller, GP – Kalispell, MT

"Over the years I have attended numerous courses. The reason I return to study with Dr. Pikos is because I am assured of an excellent learning experience. The bone grafting course was a five-star presentation with current, relevant and applaudable information."
Dr. Ed Dougherty, GP – Ocean City, MD

"I definitely got more out of this course for GBR than 2 years fellowship at Columbia University Implant Department!"
Dr. Neda Azadivatan, Periodontist – Red Hook, NY

"Mike Pikos has changed my ability to do complicated implant treatment and to teach my staff and residents. He is a great teacher and it works. I have used it, and have advanced our treatment protocols for our veterans."
Dr. Marshall Gallant, GP, Orlando, FL

"Dr. Pikos, his faculty and staff, presented a well-organized and informative seminar that significantly increased my knowledge and will allow me to improve my care of individuals who will benefit from this novel treatment system."
Dr. Rick Scheetz, OMS, Dublin, OH

"Honestly, the highest level of continuing education possible! A life changer. Dr. Pikos’ reputation confirmed, Carl was great and Daniel is genius the way he sees dentistry. I was honored to be here. Kali and Alison truly showed organization and great southern hospitality. Certainly I will return. "
Dr. Keith Long, GP, Lakeport, CA

"This is one of the most fantastic courses I have taken. The pace and content are practical and extremely well conveyed and demonstrated... In a day and age where the complexity of dental technology and dentistry as a whole, continues to outpace our abilities to adapt, Dr. Pikos and his incredible team courageously forge forward into the unknown – graciously and humbly expanding our abilities to provide state-of-the art care to our patients and communities in a display of surgical, restorative and didactic brilliance."
Dr. Jason Stoner, Perio, Dublin, OH

"I’ve been in practice for 29 years and taken tons of CE. Dr. Pikos is at the top of the list of best educators in dentistry. Not only is he skilled, knowledgeable and confident but he is humble, which is a refreshing train for someone with his gifts and abilities. "
Dr. John Cherry, GP, Brandon, FL

"Great course! I applaud Dr. Pikos for taking such great steps in preparing the highest quality course in our area, which is so lacking in dentistry today!"
Dr. Lee Ayers, Perio, Columbia, SC

"Dr. Pikos I hope you understand how many of my patients you have benefited by teaching me to have better clinical skills. You have indirectly made so many lives better! My sincere respect and appreciation."
Dr. Bruce Trimble, GP, Menomonie, WI

"Beyond a doubt, the best advanced course I’ve ever taken and I take at least 100 CE hours every year. "
Dr. Jay Freedman, GP, Abington, PA

"For someone who has not had an extensive background in FGG or CTG, Dr Pikos broke it down in a succinct easy to follow manner. He is a down-to-earth person, a knowledgeable speaker, and one of the best presenters I've had the chance to learn from. Thank you Dr. Pikos !!"
Sonia Nguyen, GP, Orlando, FL

"This course gave me the foundational review of concepts that will help me to make the most of future implant courses. It offered a broad overview of many critical factors in comprehensive implant care from diagnosis and treatment planning to final restoration solutions."
Zack Kalarickal, GP, Wesley Chapel, FL

"Mike - This truly is a first class learning experience; from the material to the facility.  The "hands-on" was helpful to tie it all together.  This course is a "take home, do it on Monday" type of course.  Your knowledge and many years of experience substantiates everything.  Thanks for a great weekend!"
Dr. Terry Zervos, GP, Dunedin, FL

"In our lives there are certain moments where we change our points of references, our paradigms. This was one of them. Thank you Dr. Pikos, faculty and staff."
Dr. Jeffrey Solomon, GP, Toronto, Canada

"This truly blends art and science regarding CBCT. Once through this class, you are ready to go on Monday!"
Dr. Robin Steely, GP, Battle Creek, MI

"Thanks Mike for 'telling it like it is."
Dr. Mark Iacobelli, GP, North Royalton, OH

"Dr. Pikos and his entire team have done an exceptional job designing and executing the most comprehensive and worthwhile CBCT course available to clinicians today!"
Dr. Jennifer Doobrow, Perio, Jasper, AL

"Quality information from the master of bone grafting and implants. Very honest, ethical, pragmatic advice. No ego, just sincere, well thought out, rational and clinical approaches." 
Dr. Frank White, OMS, Albany, GA

"This CT course is on the cutting edge of scanning technology in dentistry. After taking this excellent course, I now know that implant surgery planning can never be the same. Thanks to you both for providing an invaluable course!" 
Dr. Steve Wallace, Periodontist, Wilmington, NC

"The constant availability of the speaker and willingness to interact with the attendees is unparalleled. The marriage of evidence based material and years of clinical experience is unrivaled." 
Dr. James Maxwell, OMS, Springfield, OH

"For the dental surgeon who respects the restorative principles of Dawson, Pankey, Spear, and Kois, and the surgical principles of Marx, Allen, and Misch... this course is a must. The pursuit of dental implant surgical excellence is thriving at the Pikos Implant Institute." 
Dr. Neil Sullivan, OMS, Annapolis, MD

"Dr. Pikos is an exceptional clinician and presenter who backs everything he does with evidence based literature and experience." 
Dr. Chad Colson, GP, South Carolina

"This seminar is one of the best seminars I have attended. Very precise, concise and nicely presented. A lot of very good practical information." 
Dr. David Lee, GP, Maryland

"Not only was I blown away by the amount of information and content but we were treated with such respect and care that it made you fell part of a family. Great course, great instructor, wonderful weekend."
Dr. Jeffrey Fox, GP, New York

"One of the best courses I have ever attended. Dr. Pikos has improved his course since the last time I took it in the 1990s. It was excellent in the 1990s but it is even better now. I thank him for his honesty, integrity and time to improve our practices." 
Dr. Gary Kanemura, Perio, California

"For me the best part was seeing the pace of the surgical procedures. Makes me realize that procedures can be done more efficiently than I can now do them. This course should really help take my practice to the next level and reduce stress on me and my staff." 
Dr. Thomas Boland, OMS, St. Petersburg, FL

"This course is a perfect blend of scientific principles, art, and technique dovetailed with state of the art axial imaging to provide predictable results for both the patient and the surgeon." 
Dr. Brant Goyne, OMS, Shreveport, LA

"This is absolutely the most organized course I have ever attended. The amount of information disseminated was equal to a 5 day course!" 
Dr. John Carson, Periodontist, Fair Oaks, CA

"This course is a must for anyone who does these procedures. Having gone through many other bone grafting courses, I can say that this course is the Ritz Carlton of advanced bone grafting courses." 
Dr. Shervin Erfani, GP, Encinitas, CA

"This was an excellent course for someone who wants to take their implant practice to the next level. The material was presented in a way that makes you feel comfortable going back to the office on Monday and getting started." 
Dr. Stephen Malki, GP, Oradell, NJ

"Helped me realize that I can and should be doing soft tissue procedures in my office." 
Dr. Dennis Perry, OMS, Cincinnati, OH

"I feel like I will be able to plan my surgeries in advance much better than ever before. It was exactly what I hoped I would learn. Mike and Al were both very informative but also gracious and down to earth." 
Dr. Thomas Fulton, GP, Fairborn, OH

"After attending the bone grafting, soft tissue grafting and now the CT Course, I can truly say that Drs. Pikos and Mattia integrate the surgical planning and surgery extremely well. They are truly advancing the state of art of dentistry for the benefit of our patients as well as the practitioners. They are very candid. The material is practical and applicable. These outstanding colleagues are truly advancing the state of patient care." 
Dr. Don Couchman, GP, Colorado Springs, CO

"I came here to be convinced that computer guided implant planning was right for me. I was hesitant due to the expense and my poor computer knowledge. Let me tell you, I was able to easily navigate the software and after the first day, there was no doubt that this is for me." 
Dr. L. Warren West, OMS, Williamsburg, VA