Drs. Paul Dawood, GP
Mustafa Al-Karagholie, Prosth
Selar Francis, GP

Dr. Samy Boulos, GP - Shoreview, MN

Dr. Bruce Hulscher, GP
Elizabeth Garcia, GP - Walled Lake / Jackson, MS

Dr. Greg Young, GP - Northville, MI
John Steinberg, GP - St. Claire Shores, MI

Dr. Marie-Clarie Tredinick, Perio & Dr. Hung Pham, GP - Lake Jackson, TX

Dr. Richard Frost, GP - Rochester, NY

Dr. Benjamin Abt, OMS - Prescott, AZ

Drs. Robert Gallela, GP | Bianca Flora, Perio | Matthew Herbstman, GP | Robert Aledort, GP - Danbury, CT

Dr. Bashar Adeinat, Perio - Tampa, FL

Dr. Richard Scheetz, OMS - Dublin, OH

Dr. Patrick O'Connor, Oral Surgeon / Dr. Carol Lowe-Richens, General Dentist / Dr. Mark Escoto, General Dentist - Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Bart Silverman, OMS - New City, NY

Dr. David Stahr, Oral Surgeon / Dr. Shelby Alexander, Prosthodontist - Morgantown, WV

Dr. Michael Abrams, Periodontist / Dr. Laurence Langer, General Dentist - Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Paul Kozy, GP - Toledo, OH

Dr. Jessica Lee, GP - Atlanta, GA

Dr. Steven Rasner, GP - Bala Cynwyd, PA

Dr. Howard Stevenson, OMS /Dr. Michael Drone, Prosthodontist - Valparaiso, IN

Dr. Robert Meisner, GP - East Aurora, NY

Dr. Howard Stevenson, OMS - Valparaiso, IN

Dr. Michael Drone, Prosthodontist - Valparaiso, IN

Dr. Colin Neil, OMS - Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Dr. Duncan Edworthy, Prosthodontist - London, United Kingdom

Dr. Jay Freedman, GP - Abington, PA

Dr. Allan Acton, GP - Cary, NC

Dr. Keith Long, GP - Lakeport, CA

Dr. Lindsey Hoppe, DDS

Dr. Robert Chorney, DDS - Stony Point, NY

Dr. Richard Wagner, DDS - Racine, WI

Dr. Michael Hrankowski, DDS - Seattle, WA

Dr. Varghese John, DMD, FICOI, FMII - Sugar Land, TX

Dr. Jason Collier, DDS - Memphis, TN


"This is a course that I can say with certainty was worth every penny I spent on it!"
Dr. Richard Bastien – GP – Tallahassee, FL

"This seminar is cutting edge and advances our knowledge base. World class program!"
Dr. Steve Wallace – Perio – Wilmington, NC

"I have attended Pikos courses and symposiums for the last 25 years and always walk away impressed. The Guided Surgery course was no exception. The knowledge and experience delivered through this course is invaluable to anyone who wants to provide state of the art immediate load cases."
Dr. Nelson Eddy – Perio – Rockhill, SC

"I always expect to get a pearl or two from CE, but this was exceptional. I got a big PEARL – Are you kidding me – I got a whole oyster! Great one-of-a-kind course."
Dr. Douglas Harshberger – GP – Independence, MO

"High quality education – immediately applicable!"
Dr. George Chao – GP – Okotoks, Canada

"Courses such as this reinvigorate my passion for my profession. This course teaches patient-centered care to increase quality of life for our patients. As a Prosthodontist, it was refreshing to learn of the absolutely restorative driven protocol!"
Dr. Shelby Alexander – Prosth. – Morgantown, WV

"This is unquestionably the most well organized, well presented and useful course I have ever taken. Dr. Pikos provided a wealth of knowledge and practical information that I can incorporate into my practice immediately. This guided prosthetic system is nothing short of genius!"
Dr. Spiro Karrass, OMS – Lincolnwood, IL

"Wonderful course, so glad to be up close and personal to a surgical legend to hear and see and learn from him. Dr. Pikos is a wonderful teacher who is so approachable and willing to share his knowledge."
Dr. Kiya Green – Perio – Matthew, NC 

"Great course! It helped clear up my concerns about the “Same Day Teeth Method” and gave me confidence to begin to implement this in my practice."
Dr. Ben Aanderud – GP – Sherwood, OR 

"I have learned more from Mike Pikos that I use almost daily than from any other source in my 30 years in implant surgery. He is my most trusted source for real world, practical information on the subject of implants. I always do something different the day after his courses."
Dr. Thomas Butts – OMS – Brighton, MI 

"This full arch course has completely changed my philosophy on full mouth reconstruction and has simplified my years of doing so."
Dr. Bill Anderson – GP – Findlay, OH 

"Excellent course! I consider this training absolutely essential to any clinician doing All on Four."
Dr. Jeff Chandler, OMS – Elmhurst, IL 

"Absolutely the best, cutting edge, practical, implementable education available!"
Amr Soliman, GP – Palm Harbor, FL 

"This course changed my perception of immediate loading, thanks to Dr. Pikos!"
Dr. Mehnaz Kamali, Perio – Dubai UAE 

"We are very fortunate to have a talented surgeon, educator and colleague like Dr. Pikos. The seminars are real world and the investment has immediate impact, thank you!"
Dr. Max Forni, GP – Lake Wales, FL 

"This was the best course that I have ever attended…hands down! Dr. Pikos really knows his stuff, but beyond that he does a great job explaining it. Furthermore, he is a “people-person” and is just real down to earth. The course was so organized and well thought out! Great, great course!"
Dr. Christopher Durham, OMS – Greensboro, NC 

"This is an excellent seminar for specialists and general practice dentists alike. Whether you plan to restore, perform surgery or both, you will leave with the confidence, knowledge and necessary tools to begin on Monday."
Dr. George Jones, GP – Sunset Beach, NC 

"I wanted to have a great experience and I learned and enjoyed the technique and wisdom provided. I look forward to returning."
Dr. Daniel Kubikian, Perio – Sewell, NJ 

"Recognizing my bias as a surgeon, I feel the message of “none of us are as smart as all of us” was invaluable.  Encouraging the interdisciplinary aspects of treatment for these complex, comprehensive cases was excellent.  I appreciated the overview of the surgical techniques and picked up multiple pearls to apply to my own practice.  It was also great to become more familiar with the prosthetic aspects of the cases in order to facilitate increased efficiency for the restorative doctor and ultimately better care for patients.  Thanks!"
Dr. Thomas Kolodge, OMS - McMinnville, OR 

"For an excellent clinical and lab perspective I feel technical people with interest in All-on-4 should attend. The future will be digital in dentistry so don’t miss the bus!"
Thomas Friedman, Lab – South Yarra, Melbourne Australia 

"Excellent course – Highly recommended!"
Dr. Graciela Shimizu Oliva, Prosth – Mountain View, CA 

"Once again, Dr. Pikos exceeded my expectations. He is a great educator, very humble and a great host. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise."
Dr. Elly Tehrani, Perio – Toronto, Ontario Canada 

"Holy cow! If you have ever converted a denture at time of surgery you must take this course! It makes a chaotic procedure totally predictable and efficient. In other words it turns crap into honey!"
Dr. Mark Bowman, GP – Greenville, NC 

"The knowledge, the expertise, the well rounded team approach is what makes Pikos an excellent course. Michael is a great, friendly person to learn from. All the girls who help him coordinate his lecture are extremely friendly and always there to help. Thank you for making my experience and the hundreds of us who always attend or have attended and enjoyable journey."
Dr. Zaid Baraz, GP – Markham, Onatio 

"Dr. Pikos, his faculty and staff, presented a well-organized and informative seminar that significantly increased my knowledge and will allow me to improve my care of individuals who will benefit from this novel treatment system."
Dr. Rick Scheetz, OMS, Dublin, OH 

"Honestly, the highest level of continuing education possible! A life changer. Dr. Pikos’ reputation confirmed, Carl was great and Daniel is genius the way he sees dentistry. I was honored to be here. Kali and Alison truly showed organization and great southern hospitality. Certainly I will return. "
Dr. Keith Long, GP, Lakeport, CA 

"This is one of the most fantastic courses I have taken. The pace and content are practical and extremely well conveyed and demonstrated... In a day and age where the complexity of dental technology and dentistry as a whole, continues to outpace our abilities to adapt, Dr. Pikos and his incredible team courageously forge forward into the unknown – graciously and humbly expanding our abilities to provide state-of-the art care to our patients and communities in a display of surgical, restorative and didactic brilliance."
Dr. Jason Stoner, Perio, Dublin, OH 

"I’ve been in practice for 29 years and taken tons of CE. Dr. Pikos is at the top of the list of best educators in dentistry. Not only is he skilled, knowledgeable and confidant but he is humble, which is a refreshing train for someone with his gifts and abilities. "
Dr. John Cherry, GP, Brandon, FL 

"Dr. Pikos I hope you understand how many of my patients you have benefited by teaching me to have better clinical skills. You have indirectly made so many lives better! My sincere respect and appreciation."
Dr. Bruce Trimble, GP, Menomonie, WI 

"Beyond a doubt, the best advanced course I’ve ever taken and I take at least 100 CE hours every year. "
Dr. Jay Freedman, GP, Abington, PA 

"From beginning to end Dr. Pikos and his team of professionals put on perhaps the best course of my career.  The concepts presented in the Guided Full Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction course have given me a paradigm shift for treatment planning with my patients…in a way that is simple, cosmetic, streamlined, profitable yet affordable for my patients.  Thank you!"
Dr. Jason Collier, GP.  Cardova, TN 

"This was a phenomenal course.  Anyone serious about considering Implant Supported Prosthetics as an addition to their service mix should do this course.  This course is a must and one will not regret it."
Dr. Varghese P. John, GP. Sugar Land, TX

"Great course for anyone to learn conventional All-on-four and the even better version of the completely guided approach.  The guided version takes the surgery from guessing on what you are going to use to know what you are going to use."
Dr. Jason Selman, GP. Huntsville, AL

"I really enjoy Dr. Pikos’ teaching style. His use of repetition with lecture, color handouts, video, hands-on, and live surgery all help to reinforce the topic(s)."
Dr. Derek Fleitz, GP. Panama City, FL

"Enjoyed this course! Excellent job!"
Dr. Jay Lopez, GP. Tucson, AZ