Dr. Hussein Al-Mufti, General Dentist - Ontario, Canada

Dr. Alaine Auguste, General Dentist - Bangor, ME

Dr. Parker Mitchell, General Dentist - Venice, FL

Dr. Jeremiah Davis, General Dentist - Fayetteville, NC

Dr. Alfonso Delgado, General Dentist - Stockton, CA

Dr. Emily Schmalz, Periodontist - Rochester, MN

Dr. Alejandro Contreras, Periodontist - Los Palos Caracas, Venezuela

Dr. Amol Thorat, Prosthodontist - Wanowrie, India

Dr. Kamlesh Kothari, Oral Surgeon - Kolkata, India

Dr. Cecil Dorsett, Oral Surgeon - Gadsden, AL

Dr. Stephen DeLoach, GP - Dickson, TN

Dr. Robert Gatewood, GP - Spring, TX

Dr. Scott Gradwell, Periodontist - Allentown, PA

Dr. Steven Pletscher, General Dentist - East Moline, Il

Dr. Henry Ferguson, Oral Surgeon - Martinez, GA

Dr. Charles Botbol, GP - Toronto, ON

Dr. Christopher Sabourin, Endodontist - Clovis, CA

Dr. Donald Kim, General Dentist - Vancouver, WA


"Dr. Pikos is a living legend. Everyone who wants to learn evidence based surgical procedures from a very passionate, caring and dedicated surgeon and who wants to up their surgical skills should take his courses, not only sinus lift. I will definitely be coming back for more. Can’t wait! Thank you Dr. Pikos for sharing your extensive knowledge."
Maxim Godko GP – Lawrence Township, NJ

"Feeling very blessed to learn from Dr. Pikos. He found his calling in this life. Truly a pioneer and generous leader."
Shane Nelson, GP – Overland Park, KS

Everywhere I turn, my colleagues all swear by Pikos courses. So, I decided to hop a flight to
Tampa and see for myself. They were all right!"
Dr. Lokesh C. Rao, GP – Yonkers, NY

"Everything about this course is first class! The knowledge and experience that Dr. Pikos
shares, teaches and explains will be so valuable to me going forward. I’m taking so many
pearls back to my practice. Thank you for a wonderful 3 days!"
Dr. Kevin L. Norris, GP – Ogden, Utah

"Great course that provides me and the staff the confidence to pursue and accomplish new
clinical objectives."
Dr. Sibera T. Brannon, GP – Surprise, AZ

"I have been doing sinus lifts for a few years now and I’ve known that if I took this course, that
my surgical skills would improve tremendously. I am very happy to know I was right about this.
Learning from the best here and I’ve learned so much in just a couple of days."
Dr. Tahany Whiting-Elakkad, GP – Surprise, AZ

"Dr. Pikos and his team are incredible. The course was informative and paced very well. This has been hands-down the best course I have attended. Anyone placing implants needs this information!"
Dr. Kari Blankenship – GP – Fort Worth, TX

"Best surgical implant course every!! Dr. Pikos presents the material in a way that is structured and detailed. I have never done a sinus graft before, but after taking this course I am confident that I can perform sinus grafts when I return to my office. If you have never performed a sinus graft, take the course, you won’t regret it!!"
Dr. Joe Cavallo – GP – Woodbridge, VA

"Best CE I have attended in the past 23 years!"
Dr. Bryan Neuwirth – OMS – Conover, NC