Dr. Avichai Stern - Oral Surgeon Brooklyn, NY

Dr. James Spivey - Periodontist Portsmouth, NH

Dr. Michael Zaninovich - Prosthodontist Morley, Australia

Dr. Linda Huang - Oral Surgeon
Dr. Siu Hang Ngan - Oral Surgeon Flushing, NY

Dr. Ismial El Sherif - GP Covida, CA

Dr. Hans Sperling - GP Hollywood, FL

"This is an amazing course and experience. I feel very well versed in all things Zygomatic and Pterygoid."
- Dr. Christopher L. Durnham, OMS – Greensboro, NC

"Dr.Pikos and his team are blessings for valid Maxillofacial Surgeons. Zygoma course well planned & executed. I highly recommend it!"
- Dr. Adarsh Yagnik, OMS – Mount Laurel,NJ

 "I have taken the Neodent Zygo course in Curitiba, Brazil. I left the course with doubts & “FEAR” because the live surgery caused injury to one of the patients. Dr. Pikos wiped away all doubts & Fear I had. From the didactic portion to the video presentations and finally cadaver surgery- all aspects of the course were at top notch. I have the confidence & knowledge to offer single Zygo & pterygoids to my patients."
- Dr. Paraon N. DeQuiroz, GP – Templeton, CA

"I have practiced OMS for 43 years.  I did my first zygoma implant in 2008, and maybe 30 since then.  I never felt comfortable with the procedure but this training was different.  I feel much more confident in performing this procedure safely and deliver a great result.  Drill Responsibly™!"
– David Mulherin, OMS – Conroe, TX

"This is by far one of the best if not “the best” CE course I have attended during my oral surgery career.  From the presentations, facilities, hospitality, Dr. Pikos and his team made this a great learning experience.  Dr. Pikos is not only a great surgeon and teacher but also a fantastic host."
– Don Kalant, OMS – Naperville, IL

"Dr. Pikos is an extraordinary educator.  He is the perfect blend of personality and extensive clinical experience that creates a very unique learning environment.  His willingness to share his ideas, show great cases and complications with their management is rare in this day and age.  I look forward to returning."
– Brian O’Neill, OMS – Holland, OH

"Dr. Pikos and staff put on a first rate seminar that shouldn’t be missed.  If you want to learn more about zygos, Dr. Pikos delivers!"
– Amar Katranji, Perio – Ann Arbor, MI

"Dr. Pikos – class! Class! Class!"
– Rich Nejat, Perio – New York, NY

"A well thought out, systematic and practiced approach to introduce a complex subject."
– Jewel Landy, GP – Hamilton, Bermuda

"It was good and worth the money."
– Ismail El Sherif, GP - Covina, CA