Pikos Symposium 2021 Presentation Videos


Pikos Symposium 2021 Presentation Videos
Each Captured LIVE in HD as Presented at Pikos Symposium 2021. Includes Q&A Sessions!


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12 Presentations Included with Your Purchase

Dr. Enrico Agliardi - (2Hrs)
Tilted Implants – New Advancements in the Rehabilitation of Atrophic Jaws


Dr. Carlos Aparicio - (2Hrs 1Min)
Rehabilitation of the Atrophic Maxilla Using the ZAGA Concept and the New Straumann ZAGA Flat and ZAGA Round Zygomatic Implants


Dr. Steven Bongard - (1Hr 56Min)
The Business of Full Arch Dentistry


Dr. Vishtasb Broumand (Two Lectures)
Lecture 1 - (1Hr 34Min): Restoring the Atrophic Maxilla Utilizing Extra-Maxillary Zygomatic Implants and a Digital Workflow

Lecture 2 - (1Hr 39Min): Complications of Full Arch Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implant Surgery


Dr. Henri Diederich - (1Hr 33Min)
Immediate Loading in the Atrophied Bone without Sinus Lift and without Bone Grafting


Dr. Dan Holtzclaw - (1Hr 58Min)
Pterygoid Implant Adjunct Treatment for Atrophied Maxillae


Dr. Saj Jivraj with Dr. Hooman Zarrinkelk - (1Hr 58Min)
All-on-4® Treatment Concept: A Graft-Avoiding Protocol for Full-Arch Prosthetic Rehabilitation


Dr. Jay Neugarten with Dr. Frank Tuminelli - (1Hr 53Min)
Freeing our patients from wearing a “denture”…A solution less traveled.  Are we ready?


Dr. Costa Nicolopoulos with Dr. Petros Yuvanoglu (1Hr 56Min)
Smart Concepts for Full Arch Immediate Function


Dr. Michael A. Pikos with Dr. Philip J. Hedger - (1Hr 58Min)
No Bone, No Problem: Full Arch Immediate Load Implant Solutions for the Severely Atrophic Patient


Dr. George Romanos - (2Hrs 3Min)
Immediate Functional Loading as a Foundation for Bone Formation in the Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Jaws