Foundational Full Arch Therapy Demystified: All on XYZ™ -Level 1

Course Overview


31 Credit Hours

Learn Predictable and Evidence-Based Full Arch Surgical and Restorative Protocols

This unique foundational course will cover the most current state of the art, evidence-based principles, concepts and technology available for full arch immediate load therapy.  It represents Level I of the Full Arch Series at Pikos Institute.

The full spectrum of diagnosis and treatment planning and the surgical, restorative and lab workflow, along with comprehensive case presentations will be presented in a most efficient, practical and seamless mode.  It will include extensive lecture discussion on analog and digital protocols, hands on surgical workshop, hands-on restorative workshop, live surgery and designated sessions on hygiene maintenance and complications.

This one-of-a-kind course will feature an all-star specialty-based faculty of oral surgeons, prosthodontists and lab technician.  You don’t want to miss this one!

Multi-Specialty Faculty for this Comprehensive Course are:

Dr. Michael A. Pikos - Oral Surgeon
Dr. David Lee. Hill - Oral Surgeon

Dr. Phillip J. Hedger - Prosthodontist
Dr. Safa Tahmasebi - Prosthodontist
Dr. Mikal Lindman - Prosthodontist

Mandibular Full-Arch Case Using Photogrammetry, L-PRF

Maxillary Full-Arch with Autogenous Bone Graft, Photogrammetry, L-PRF

After This Course Attendees Will:

1. Understand the key evidence-based concepts and principles required for diagnosis and treatment planning full arch immediate load case types

2. Understand the complete step by step surgical, restorative (analog and digital) and lab components of full arch workflow

3. Learn a comprehensive hygiene maintenance program for full arch patients

4. Understand the recognition, prevention and treatment of complications associated with full arch immediate load case types

What Colleagues Are Saying About This Course

Dr. Katheel Mascardo - Periodontist
Boston, MA

Dr. Alan Davis - GP
Englewood FL

Dr. Shy Chwen Ni - Periodontist
Boston, MA

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10 Reasons Why You Should Take This Course:

1. You will learn case selection, diagnosis and treatment planning in detail for full arch cases

2. You will be learning the most current state of the art foundational restorative, surgical and laboratory concepts and principles needed to be successful with full arch immediate restoration cases

3. You will learn step by step protocols of all phases of full arch cases – restorative, surgical and laboratory

4. You will participate in a half day of restorative-based hands-on workshop (Smart Denture Conversion™)

5. You will participate in a half day of surgical-based hands-on workshop

6. You will learn why the term “Graftless Solutions” is a misnomer

7. You will understand the Pikos Philosophy of full arch immediate implant reconstruction

8. You will be learning from specialty-based speakers - oral surgeons, prosthodontists and laboratory technician

9. You will learn prevention, recognition and management of full arch complications

10. You will learn a comprehensive hygiene maintenance protocol and the impact of follow up for all full arch patients


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otherwise a $1,000 deposit will be forfeited.

Pikos Institute reserves the right to refuse registration and to cancel or modify the conference without prior notice.
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